VIP Reservations

Ménages offers VIP seating and service for customers every night of the week. Customers interested in this service will enjoy comfortable raised platform seating in one of three locations in the club. Each location comes with bottle service, ice buckets, juice containers, and your own personal waitress. While everyone at Ménages is a very important patron, the VIP service is perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or any and all special events that you may be celebrating at the club. Pricing and availability vary for each section and for special events. Depending on which section that you choose, the VIP areas will seat 4-12 persons with plenty of room to party with all of the new friends you will meet at the club.

How to Reserve

To reserve a VIP, you will need to be an approved member. Once an approved member go to the Events page, select an Event, use your Username to purchase the VIP seating you desire.


VIP Seating

Center stage overlooking the dance floor, with a big couch, two seats and two ottomans seats 5 plus.


VIP Seating

Large L shaped seating area and an ottoman seats 9 or more.


VIP Seating

Big couch and two extra seats for a total of 5 seats.


VIP Seating

Three large couches in a semi- private area. Seats 11 or more.