Membership & Fees

Ménages Club is an upscale, private, members only social club, providing an exclusive community for those interested in the lifestyle.

Everyone who enters the club must be an approved member. Menages is selective in who gets membership. There are also State, City & County legal requirements. Some of these include:

- A MINIMUM 24 HOUR WAITING PERIOD from the time your membership application is submitted to when membership maybe granted.
Note: This is our City & County requirement. You can NOT get membership at the door on the night of the event!

- Must be 21 years or older

- Cannot be a sexual offender. We verify this with the Tennessee Sexual Offender and Violent Offender Register.

- Must provide a recent photo of yourself or as a couple.

Becoming A Member

Complete the online membership application. Your name, DOB, and address needs to reflect what is on your current driver's license. A recent photo from the waist up of you as a couple or yourself if single, is required. This is used to verify who you say you are and are the type of member we approve to join our club. False, fake or out dated information or photos will disqualify your application. Our records are private and confidential and are never divulged or used for any other purpose. A sponsor from a regular member who will vouch for you is needed. If you do not know an existing member, more information, such as any lifestyle websites or groups that you belong to, or any clubs or parties that you have attended maybe sought. If this is something completely new for you, we may request a phone interview. This is done so that our membership committee representative may feel confident to propose sponsorship. (This is not an automatic process.)

Once you have submitted your application you will be emailed a verification email. Respond to that right away for your application to process. If for some reason you do not receive this email, check your spam folder. If it's not there after 24 hrs, send an email to to request another email. Only after your email has been verified will your application begin to be processed.

Within the next 24 hours or so we review your application and verify the information provided. In some instances, we may need to contact you. Once a decision has been made concerning your membership application you will receive an email from us. Only after you have received this approval may you visit the club.

Fill out a Membership Application

First Visit

On your first visit we will verify your ID, collect payment for your membership application fee ($25), a membership fee (you decide the period you want your membership to be active for which can be a year, six months, a month or a week), and an event fee (depending on what night you attend determines what that is). Then our host or hostess for the evening will go over the club rules, explain the layout and answer any questions you may have. After that the night is yours to explore, make friends, dance or just observe for your first visit.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know at

Membership Dues

To be able to access the club your membership has to be active. To do that you may get membership for whatever period you think you may need. Note: If your membership expires it is considered inactive until you renew your membership. You are still considered a member.

Rates are for a couple, single male or single female:
One Week---$15
One Month---$30

Event Fees

There is an Event Fee for regular parties and events. Prices differ for special events, ie. Halloween, New Years and Valentines.

ThursdayFridaySaturdayWeekend Pass
Single Male$40$65$90$130
Single Female$5$10$15$20

Membership and Event Fee Examples

Here are a few examples to help explain the fees.

If this is your first time and you decide to get a one-week membership and want to visit on a Saturday night as a couple the following would apply: Membership Application Fee $25, a one-week membership $15 and a Saturday night Event Fee $60. The total would be $100

If you decide to come back a month later on a Friday night. Note: your membership would have expired which is considered dormant. You do not need to reapply. All you need to do is select a new membership period. Let's say you go for another week. One Week Membership $15 and Friday night Event Fee $50 for a total of $65.