Frequently Asked Questions

A: You do not need an invitation, but you do need to fill out an application and be recommended for approval before attending the club. Learn more about the process on the membership page.
A: You would have already submitted an online application at least 24 hours ahead of time along with a recent photo yourselves from the waist up. You would have already verified your email and have received your membership approval from our Membership Director. Only after this has occurred may you visit the club. Make sure that you meet our dress code which is listed under Wear on our Experience page. On your first visit when you arrive there is complimentary valet parking (tips are appreciated). Once you get to the reception tell them this is your first visit. They will ask to see your ID's which they use to verify that you are who you are. Then you go ahead and pay the onetime membership application fee, your membership and event fee. You may pay for these online prior to your visit. Once this is complete you enter the club to meet our club host or hostess. They will go over the club rules and explain the layout and answer questions you may have.
A: We have a very broad range of people starting in their twenties and on up into their fifties. Overall the average age is somewhere between the early 30's to mid 40's. Everybody is there to have fun and meet other open minded people. Age is not a factor. A fun attitude is.
A: Absolutely not. You will find people of sorts of shape and size. A smile, being nicely groomed and a nice outfit are sexy indeed!
A: That's really up to you and what you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that Menages is an upscale private club. It is one of the few places you can go and dress up or as be as provocative as you want without being judged. People familiar with the lifestyle tend to dress a little bit more risqué.
A: No. Our club members are very respectful of one another. 'No' means just that, 'no'. If somebody comes across too pushy for your liking you can simply tell them that you are not interested or you can tell one of our staff members who will do it for you. Our club rules require good manners. It is very seldom that you come across a pushy rude person, because that would violate our club rules and they could be asked to leave and jeopardize their membership.
A: The party starts fairly early. A good amount of couples arrive early to get situated and comfortable. So as early as you want.
A: Every night is fun. Saturday nights are the busiest. The idea is to have fun and meet other people. Some people like it when its not as busy and find a Friday night a great night to talk to people.
A: We don't. Since we are located in then downtown loop, there are literally hundreds of hotels within a short drive of where we are. Just go to your favorite hotel booking site to look at what is available. The further out of the downtown center you stay the more cost effective it gets. The airport is just 7 miles from us with lots of quality hotels in that area too.

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