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I hereby make application to become a member of Ménages, acknowledging and agreeing to the following:
  • Ménages is a private social club for adults established for the use of its members;
  • I have a sincere interest in meeting and socializing with other like minded people at Ménages;
  • that Ménages serves as a conduit whereby members can meet, socialize and interact on a regular basis in a private setting, not open to the general public;
  • that I am applying for membership in my personal and private capacity for my own private use;
  • that Ménages reserves the right to deny or revoke my membership without explanation or reason;
  • that Ménages is a unique community of thought, belief, experience, and expression;
  • that membership has a limit as to how many members it will approve;
  • I agree to hold harmless and blameless the Club, it's members, it's agents and guests for any action, personal injury or loss of property including but not limited to legal fees and expenses;
  • that I use the facilities at my own risk and Ménages does not accept responsibility for any harm or injury to myself or any other person;
  • I am twenty one years of age or older;
  • that I am not a registered sex offender listed and registered on Tennessee's Sex Offender Registry;
  • I will not possess or use any recording devices, any weapons or illegal drugs, nor will I partake in any form of prostitution or any illegal activities of any sort: Ménages is not licensed to sell or serve liquor;
  • I agree to follow the club rules which include being respectful and cordial to others, nor will I be pushy, overbearing, obnoxious, unruly or offensive;
  • I confirm that the attached photo is us (couple) or me (single male or female). I understand that if it is not it will result in the revocation of my membership.
  • I will attend the Club Orientation and agree to follow and adhere to the clubs rules and procedures.

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